Carpet Repair

Its very common in all household that there may be iron burns, stains, mould or fraying carpet? Well you have reached the right company as we cover it all. You may think that patch-carpet-repairsyour carpet damage is impossible to fix although to us we can fix it all, please call us today so we can come assess the damage and get it repaired for you as soon as possible.

All frayed or worn out carpets where it may meet tiles or timber flooring is an easy fix and we can repair. We will come out and install metal trims that will stop this occurring time and time again. Quickly give us a call and we will solve all your problems.

The most common carpet repair is carpet patching and this does take skill and great patience, you will need the expertise to get the job done right. This area of the carpet is cut out and then a replacement is sourced and put back there. We would generally take a sample from a wardrobe, if this is not the case we will take a sample and try source out a replacement carpet from our suppliers.