Expert Mould Repair and Remediation


Water damage mould repair to walls

Water damage mould repair to walls

Expert mould repair and remediation isn't attained by simply wiping down the surface with bleach. In fact bleach kills very little of the spores that are rooted in plaster and other surfaces.

Mould repair and mould damage restoration requires the use of specific chemistry not found

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Wet building blocks are a leading cause of mould

on the supermarket shelf. The source of mould can be attributed to many sources predominantly but not limited to a wet building due to either ventilation issues or latent moisture trapped in the buildings structure.

Data logger thermohygrometer

Data logger thermo hygrometer

Identifying the source of the moisture involves the use of thermo hygrometers to record the data about the areas humidity, temperature and time that these rise in values causing the moisture problem associated with mould growth. Finding wet walls and ceilings can be done with the use of a Surveymaster Protimeter or Thermal Imaging Camera. Tools of the professional mould restorer.

Thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging camera

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