How To Dry Wet Carpet

Dishwasher hose about to burst

Dishwasher Hose Burst

So you've had an even. A dishwasher hose burst, washing machine pipe leak, bath overflow or hot water service burst, just to name a few. There are many different ways one can suffer the misfortune of water damage to their carpet.

Wet carpet is just what you can see and feel and most of the time the water travels further than what is obvious on the surface.  How to dry wet carpet starts with identifying the wet area. Identifying the area that has been wet is the first step in drying a wet carpet. Identification is best made with the use of a Hydrosensor  which can be stuck into the carpet, underlay and sub-floor.

washing machine hose burst

Washing Machine Overflow

Detecting the area that is damaged is the foremost important step. Water can often travel under walls into adjoining rooms so it is important to check these areas prior to evaluating what is damaged.

That musty mouldy smell that emanates from your carpet weeks later is most likely attributable to the fact that the underlay has remained wet or that moisture hidden in cavity walls has developed into mould.

Too many times I get calls from people who have felt the surface of their carpet and believe it to be dry. They ask for the carpet to be cleaned however this is just a waste of money. The problem is below the carpet and any amount of cleaning will not result in the rectification of the odor

The first step is to identify and evaluate the areas that have been wet. Specialist equipment is used to determine all areas of water damage. The hydrosensor predominantly determines wet carpet areas only. A thermal imaging camera can be used to determine whether skirting boards, plaster walls or other flooring

water damaged skirting boards

Swollen water damaged skirting boards

materials have been affected by water. Ultrasonic protimeters can also be used to determine the exact moisture level contained in these materials.

Today's water damage technician is armed with an arsenal of tools for drying as well.  Wet carpet is best dried using airmovers and dehumidifiers.