Why Use 1800 4FLOOD

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We come out right away. Rapid response times (within the hour in most instances). High tech evaluation tools are the prescription for quick evaluation. Thermal imaging cameras, ultrasonic test equipment assist in sourcing where water damage has occurred as well as air scrubbers, dehumidifiers and airmovers to assist in a speedy drydown.

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  • We will pay $300 toward your excess on all claims over $1500
  • Revolutionary drying technology. Thermal imaging cameras and ultrasonic testing equipment assist us in evaluating your water damaged areas fast. 
  • Fully trained and certified master water damage restoration technicians and highly skilled telephone procedures.
  • For the uninsured our price is more affordable than that of insurance targeted companies
  • Knowledge and experience in over 3500 restoration jobs
  • Check out our reviews HERE
  • We get your job dried fast alleviating inconvenience
  • Insurance Claims Handling Experts
  • On line status updates
  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are there for you
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