Water Damaged Wet Carpet

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Where would you start? Call 1800 4FLOOD

Need prompt, expert help with wet carpet water damage in your Melbourne property? 1800 4FLOOD are here to help. We offer 24/7 help for all water damage cases. Time is not on your side. Call 1800 4FLOOD URGENTLY for the best chance of returning your property back to its pre damage condition. Our experience and training ensure that we deal with even the most challenging situations, including flash flooding, natural disasters and more with utmost focus on saving your valuable property.

When dealing with wet carpet and water damage, thorough professional attention is critical. Unfortunately, turning up the heat and popping on a couple of fans won’t do the trick. Even if your carpets are touch dry, the underlay and flooring  beneath the surface may still be damp. Harmful bacteria and mould spores can thrive in a damp environment, causing health problems and damage long after the flooding occurs. Complete drying, deodorising and sanitising is essential to good long term results.

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Water damage, wet carpet and wet building sources of intrusion

At 1800 4FLOOD, we carry a complete range of carpet flood damage equipment and formulas designed to get rid of moisture and unwanted nasties, without ruining the look and feel of the carpet fibres. We use a combination of air scrubbers, heavy duty dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and even moisture detection equipment to find hidden pockets of water. Our trained and experienced technicians know just how to assess a situation accurately, and provide the right level of service at a budget-friendly rate. For the perfect finishing touch, added extra services such as carpet repair are available. Additionally, if only one room has been affected, we can still clean the carpets in the rest of your property to ensure an evenly fresh look and feel throughout.

1800 4FLOOD can take care of any building or room, including crawl spaces. We are happy to prepare custom quotes for multi-residential complexes and commercial buildings, as well as private homes. For more information or to arrange prompt help for your water damaged carpet, call 1800 4FLOOD now.

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